The Lasiocampidae.


Also known as the Snout Moths due to the appearance of the pair of modified palps found in some species. Of the twelve Australian genera, eight are listed for Victoria in Moths of Victoria Vol. 1, and of those eight, moths from six have come to the light locally. Two species that illustrate the common name well are the Rufous Snout Moth, Pararguda rufescens, a eucalypt species, and theĀ  Wattle Snout Moth, Pararguda nasuta.

P. rufescens male.


This large female was joined by the smaller male, possibly attracted by her pheromones.

P. nasuta females.

The caterpillars are most interesting, having fringes of side hairs that help them blend in to their perch, these are larvae of Pararguda nasuta. Feeding on various plants, the larvae are variable in colour, perhaps due to location and food source. The first was photographed years ago in Far East Gippsland, scanned from a Kodachrome slide, the other in the home garden.

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Reference and further reading, Moths of Victoria Vol. 1.