Larvae #6

This larva is so far unidentified. Many were found in August in the Omeo Gum, Eucalyptus neglecta, in their shelters made of two leaves held together with silk and frass.

The next four species have been illustrated in previous posts but are included again for this series on larvae. Follow the links for more images and information.

Ochrogaster lunifer, the Processionary Caterpillar.

Pararguda nasuta, the Wattle Snout Moth.

Pernattia pusilla, the Casuarina Moth.

Trichiocercus sparshalli, Sparshall’s Moth, (Notodontidae)

That concludes this small series on larvae. The recently published book Caterpillars Moths And Their Plants of Southern Australia, by Butterfly Conservation South Australia Inc. is a must have for study of this topic.

Larvae #5.

Some pictures now of Geometrid larvae, first Capusa senilis.

Capusa stenophara, photographed as found in the box/ironbark bush.

Ectropis bispinaria.

Chlenias banksiaria group.

A short sequence showing it looping along.

Click to enlarge.
To be continued.