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Monthly Archive for June, 2016

Notodontidae #2.

The subfamily Notodontinae has a larger number of genera than the Thaumetopoeinae, larvae of this group are not hairy but can come in a variety of strange shapes. Seven species have come to the light locally. the most common being the Two-coloured Notodontid, Sorama bicolor. Also relatively common is the Streaked Notodontid, Destolmia lineata, this […]

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This family has two subfamilies, Thaumetopoeinae, and Notodontinae. the Epicomas recently featured belong to the former family and this post will cover the remaining members photographed locally. The larvae of the Thaumetopoeinae moths are very hairy, and contact with the hairs can cause severe skin rashes, and in the case of the Processionary Moth, Ochrogaster […]

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