New Site #8

More from the summer session at the bush block, two shots of a case moth, Clania ignobilis, this species easily loses scales from its wings.

A cup moth, Doratifera quadriguttata.

A rather worn Epicoma pontificalis.

Playing dead after being moved to a better spot for a photo.

An attractive small Cossid, Idioses littleri.

And a large Cossid, as yet unidentified but similar to Trismelasmos donovani.



New Site #7

Continuing, some of the larger Geometrids that arrived, Euphronarcha luxaria, male.

Striated Bark Moth

A nice pale-patched Melanodes anthracitaria, female.

Black Geometrid.

Cryphaea xylina, male.

Woodland Geometrid.

Epidesmia tryxaria showing its distinctive dark palpi.

Neat Epidesmia.

An Emerald, Chlorocoma stereota, male.

White-lined Emerald.

An attractive Picture-winged Leaf Moth, Aglaopus pyrrhata, one of several.

Always great to record, Opodipthera eucalypti.

The Emperor Gum Moth.

To be continued.