April in the Box/Ironbark.

A warm night was characterised by the large number of small moths to the light with a relatively small number of larger species coming in. The most spectacular of the latter was a female Showy Geometrid, Niceteria macrocosma, (Ennominae, Nacophorini.)

Two more in the same sub-family, the Grey-caped Line-moth, Stibaroma melanotoxa,

And the Orange-hooded Crest-moth, Fisera eribola.

The Jagged Bark Moth, Lipogya exprimataria, (Ennominae, Boarmiinae) was still on the wing and in larger numbers following last months sightings. The larvae apparently feed on the foliage of Exocarpos species, this male, one of several, was photographed on an E. cupressiformis.

From the Geometrinae, a female Rhuma sp(3) (MOV)

Noctuids were scarce on the night, one arrival was this Cosmodes elegans, (Amphipyrinae)

The Gum-leaf Skeletoniser, Uraba lugens, (Nolinae) is a common moth in the forest, the larvae are known as hatted caterpillars as they retain their old head capsules attached to the new as they grow and moult.

Musotima ochropteralis is a very attractive small Crambid. The larvae are said to feed on Maidenhair Fern, Adiantum aethiopicum.

To conclude, a strikingly marked Oecophorid, Epithymema incomposita.

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More moths from the night can be seen here.

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