Some Moths of the Oenochrominae.

Moths in this sub family of the Geometridae range from small like the Dichromodes, to quite large like the Monoctenia. This is the first post illustrating some of the larger species that have come to the light in the local area, descriptive data is from Moths of Victoria Volume 4. A common moth in the garden is the Hakea Wine Moth, Oenochroma vinaria, the larvae feed on plants in the Proteaceae which are abundant in the typical native garden.

From the garden plants or the street Silky Oaks, Grevillea robusta.

A different colour form.

This one was snapped in the box/ironbark bush.

The Ribbed Wine Moth, Oenochroma vetustaria is a denizen of the tall forest that comes to the light but is rarely seen. These two individuals were photographed in tall moist forest.

This moth, an Antictenia species from the box/irobark bush is possibly undescribed.

To be continued.
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