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Monthly Archive for October, 2016

The Footmen #5

This post illustrates the last of the moths in the Lithosiinae sub family photographed locally, beginning with the genus Philenora. The Little Mask Philenora, Philenora aspectalella. The Dainty Philenora, Philenora chionastis. The Orange Double-bar, Stenoscaptia venusta. Two species of the genus Asura are found in Victoria, the larvae are lichen feeders. The Lydia Lichen Moth, […]

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The Footmen #4

Not all the moths in this group have been given the title Footman in the common name, this post begins with another two that have. The Clouded Footman, Anestia ombrophanes, male, the female is wingless. The Marbled Footman, Anestia semiochrea, male, female also wingless. Moths in the the genus Halone are named thus. The Variable […]

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