Larvae #4.

One of the largest Victorian moths, the Batwing Moth, Chelepteryx collesi, (Anthelidae) also has very large larvae. In the garden they have been found sheltering during the day on Red Gum and Angophora trunks.



Larvae of another Anthelid, the Eye-spot Anthelid, Anthela ocellata show up occasionally, wandering to some unknown destination. Click following pictures to enlarge.

Larvae of the Tree Lucerne Moth , Uresiphita ornithopteralis, (Crambidae) have a liking for pea-flowered plants, and broods of caterpillars can strip their host plants. This individual was photographed in a garden where it was helping to do just that.

The larva of the Gumleaf Skeletoniser, Uraba Lugens, (Nolinae) is known as a hatted caterpillar, as it retains the moulted head skins as it grows.

To be continued.

Larvae #3.

Continuing on, three images of Clania species. The first individual seems to have a liking for the peduncles of Dianella revoluta.

While this one is probably a wildflower enthusiast.

As indeed as are these two untidy characters.

Finally, one that has covered its case with armour of bark flakes, a big load for a small grub.

To be continued.