Moths of Victoria Volume Seven has this to say about the genus Cleora.

“Victorian Cleora specimens have been separated into four species in this book: Cleora spp (1), (2), (3) and (4), Assignments are based on size, shape, and general appearance. However there seems to be some variation within each, which may indicate that more than one species may be involved.”

On a warmer night a number of sp (2) came to the light from the garden, and the variations in these five very attractive male moths  can be seen in the images below.

Further reading,
Moths of Victoria Volume 7.

More from the garden.

Shone the light for a couple of hours after a mild day, although the nights are remaining quite cool with the odd frost. Only a few moths came in with the first being Porela delineata (Lasiocampidae)

It was followed by a cup moth, Pseudanapaea transvestita (Limacodidae)

Only three Geometrids arrived, two have recently been featured, this is Chloroclystis filata (Larentiinae)

Three small moths from a very quiet session, Barea bathrochorda (Oecophorini)

Thrincophera lignigerana (Tortricinae)

Acropolitis excelsa (Tortricinae)