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Monthly Archive for July, 2017


In MOV 5,  seven species of Nisista, (Ennominae, Nacophorini), are listed, with three of those named, serrata, galearia, and notodontaria. The others are listed as sp (1) (2) (3) and (4), the three named species and sp (2) and (4) have come to my light at various local locations. Many photos are included to show […]

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Many species in the genus Fisera, (Geometridae, Ennominae, Nacophorini) present problems in identification. Six named species and six un-named are listed in MOV 5 where there are extensive details of the genus. Fisera belidearia however, with its two-toned fore wings is very recognisable. There is a population in the garden, it was first photographed on […]

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