Autumn 2022 #4

A session at home on a mild night saw the Heliotrope Moth, Utetheisa pulchelloides come to the light in abundance.

Geometrids were scarce with just one Crypsiphona ocultaria, and one Emerald, Chlorocoma carenaria coming in, and later, two Thalaina selenaea also joined the party.

Veined Emerald, Chlorocoma carenaria

Orange-rimmed Satin Moth, Thalaina selenaea.

Two Pink Browntail Moths, Urocoma baliolalis came in, and interestingly, played dead when we attempted to move them to more photogenic positions for snaps.

A small variety of Noctuids were the other most numerous, with one most uncommon species, a pristine Thysanoplusia orichalcea the highlight. This goes by the common name of Slender Burnished Brass, and with the torch light illuminating the moth at the right angle, the hind wings shone like polished metal. Unfortunately this did not appear in the many lateral photos taken, but the dorsal view gives a glimpse of the metallic wing marking. MOV 9 notes that the first Australian records were from Queensland and NSW in the mid 1970s, and it has since gradually spread south. Also noted is that the metallic wing scales change in colour from gold to green depending on the viewing angle.

New Site #10

Following on, Scioglyptis chionomera, Grey-patch Bark Moth.



Pomaderris species are popular food plants for species of moth larvae, an adult that came to the light is Casbia tanaoctena, the Speckled Casbia.

The Cream-fringed Emerald, Chlorocoma melocrossa.

Leaving the Geometrids, an interesting moth in the Hypeninae, one of the so called Snouts, for obvious reasons. MOV 8 notes that this moth seems to be restricted to damper forest. The light was not far from a deep foothill creek, suitable habitat.

(Trigonistis) asthenopa, the Tiny Snout.

Two more small moths, this time in the Oecophoridae.

Syringoseca rhodoxantha.

Heteroteucha dichroella.

Several Teatree Web Moths, Orthaga thyrisalis came in.

Plus a couple of Painted Cup Moths, Doratifera oxleyi.

A few other common species were recorded but will not be illustrated at this time.