Larvae #5.

Some pictures now of Geometrid larvae, first Capusa senilis.

Capusa stenophara, photographed as found in the box/ironbark bush.

Ectropis bispinaria.

Chlenias banksiaria group.

A short sequence showing it looping along.

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To be continued.

Some Moths of the Oenochrominae #4.

Another common species is a member of the group known as twisted moths, Circopetes obtusata, the Grey Twisted-moth, the larvae are eucalypt grazers.


Male, note the pectinate antennae.

More twisted moths from forest habitats, Parepisparis excusata, the Marbled Twisted-moth.



Three females, due to identification difficulty they will remain anonymous for now. If identifications become available the post will be edited and updated.

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Reference and further reading, Moths of Victoria Volume 4.