The Nolidae #3.

Six more in the genus Nola,

The Neat Tuft-moth, Nola paroxynta.

The Inscribed Tuft-moth, Nola phaeogramma.

The Plain Tuft-moth, Nola pleurosema.

The Elegant Tuft-moth, Nola tholera.

The Dagger Tuft-moth, Nola vernalis.

This apparently undescribed species is interesting, in November 2012 it was collected in the Grampians, and in the same month it came to the light in the foothills locally. It is in MOV Volume 2 second edition as Nola Sp. (13)

It should be noted that since the publication of MOV 2 there has been a reclassification of the Nolidae, with the Nolinae now showing as a sub family of the Noctuidae, containing just the Nola genus. References and further reading, MOV Volume 2.

The Nolidae #2.

Moths in the genus Nola are mainly small and can be difficult to identify. A number of Victorian species are yet to be described and there are probably more to be discovered. At least twelve species have come to the light, here are six to begin with.

The Crossed Tuft-moth, Nola crucigera.

The Cycota Tuft-moth, Nola cycota. (Complex)

The Clearly-marked Tuft-moth, Nola delograpta.

The Patched Tuft-moth, Nola epicentra.

The Grained Tuft-moth, Nola eucolpa.

The Epaulet Tuft-moth, Nola monozona.

To be continued,

References and further reading, Moths of Victoria Volume 2.