The Footmen #4

Not all the moths in this group have been given the title Footman in the common name, this post begins with another two that have.

The Clouded Footman, Anestia ombrophanes, male, the female is wingless.

The Marbled Footman, Anestia semiochrea, male, female also wingless.

Moths in the the genus Halone are named thus.

The Variable Halone, Halone sejuncta.

The Pied Halone, Halone prosenes.

The Brown Halone, Halone pteridaula.

To conclude this second last post on the Footmen, a moth similar to the Halones that has not yet been given a common name, being known in MOV 2 Vol. 2 as Scaphidriotis sp.(1) It is a male moth with the characteristic thickening of the antennae bases.

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References and further reading, Moths of Victoria Vol. 2 Second Edition.