Visitors to the light.

Lots of insects other than moths come to the moth light, and on some nights they can cover the sheet and make the job quite difficult. The first image was from such a night, a small part of the sheet with a longicorn beetle and many small insects with two Dichromodes obtusata.

Assassin bugs of many types come to the light frequently.

A similar insect is a damsel bug, also a predator of soft bodied insects.

Wasps are common visitors, eg. this ichneumon species.

Less common are members of the Odonata, like this Austrolestes leda female.

Very common are some of the cockroaches that abound in the bush.

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Welcome to Gippsland Mothing.

Welcome to Gippsland Mothing, a blog dedicated to the moths of the Central Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, but occasionally from further east. Posts will describe mothing sessions and locations, and on occasion will feature groups of moths that are currently of interest to me. It must be understood that I am not an authority on moths, my interests are to photograph moths in different locations and vegetation types for the scientific record, and to spend time in the bush at night marvelling at the myriad of creatures that inhabit the world of darkness.