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Monthly Archive for July, 2016

The Emperors.

Magnificent moths, the Emperor Gum-moth, Opodiphthera eucalypti, and the Helena Gum-moth, Opodiphthera helena, members of the Saturniidae family. There is another species, O. loranthi that occurs just over the border in NSW and may be one day recorded in Victoria, its larvae are mistletoe feeders. (MOV 1) Both Victorian species fly in spring and summer […]

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Ghost Moths #3.

In MOV 6 there are eight species of Abantiades listed for Victoria, and four of the eight have come to the light locally. During a mothing session at Holey Plains State ParkĀ  in February 2012, three species were recorded, Abantiades hyalinatus, latipennis, and magnificus. The first image is of hyalinatus and latipennis on the sheet […]

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