As Yet Unknown.

While watering the garden a small creature, about 6.5 mm longĀ  was noticed trying to escape the water spray by hiding under the pine bark mulch, and something about it warranted a closer look. It was happy to cling to a finger while being taken inside to the camera, and inspection of the photos taken on the cork mouse pad showed it to be a moth, the fat body suggesting it was a female carrying a batch of eggs. An interesting feature of this moth, seen in the images below, is the abbreviated wings. Female moths of a number of species are wingless or have vestigial wings and are flightless, consequently their lives are earthbound. Another interesting feature observed was its ability to hop a surprising distance. When released back into the garden it jumped nearly 30 centimetres down into the mulch where it quickly disappeared. A possibility is that this moth’s wings failed to develop properly, but its behaviour suggests that it is a flightless female of a species yet to be determined.

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