The Footmen #1

According to Britannica “the common name Footman is probably derived from the stiff, elongate appearance of the adult moths, which usually align their narrow wings with the body as if standing at attention”. The different genera so called are found in the Lithosiinae sub family of the Arctiidae, and although there has apparently been some reclassification, this is how they are found in the Moths of Victoria Vol. 2 second edition. Moths from the footman group that have come to my light are from eleven genera and to date number thirty species. The majority are fairly plain in appearance, but this post will feature six of the more distinctive species.

The Snowy Footman, Termessa nivosa.

The Red Footman, Scoliacma bicolora.

Doubleday’s Footman, Castulo doubledayi.

The Two-ribbed Footman, Palaeosia bicosta.

Palaeosia MOV sp(1).

The Five-banded Footman, Hectobrocha pentacyma.

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