The Lasiocampidae #3


Moths in this genus are very attractive, five species are noted for Victoria in MOV 1, and two have come to the light locally, Genduara punctigera and Genduara subnotata, all females. Food plants include the Cherry Ballart, Exocarpos cupressiformis. Males and females have pectinate antennae, and the common name of Clear-winged Snout Moths refers to the males that have semi transparent wings. The first, with abbreviated wings, recorded in 2007, was noticed walking across the sandy ground at Providence Ponds Flora and Fauna Reserve.

Genduara punctigera.

Genduara subnotata.

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Reference and further reading,
Moths of Victoria Volume 1


The Lasiocampidae, #2


Of the seven species listed in MOV 1, Entometer fervens, the Common Gum Snout Moth is the one commonly encountered in East Gippsland, with females most often to the light.

A surprise record obtained in April 2015 was a male Entometer apicalis that came to the light in tall mixed eucalypt forest on the edge of the foothills. This species has more generally a western and north eastern distribution. Males are very active fliers, and fortunately this one was in pristine condition. Refusing to come to the sheet, it was photographed on the forest floor.

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Reference and further reading,
Moths of  Victoria Vol. 1