Autumn #2

Another check on moths from the native garden, the usual suspects came in with a couple of species only seen occasionally, Epyaxa sodaliata, and Spoladea recurvalis, the latter being only a recent record in the locality.

Epyaxa sodaliata, the Sodaliata Moth.

Spoladea recurvalis, the Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth.

Two species of Diatenes have been recorded from the garden, gerula and aglossoides.

Diatenes aglossoides, a strongly marked individual.

Orthaga thyrisalis, the Teatree Webworm Moth.

Prasinocyma semicrocea, the Common Gum Emerald, click to enlarge.

And three that lined up for their portrait, from the left,

Hypobapta diffundens, Plesanemma fucata, and Persectania ewingii, click to enlarge.